RE: Re: Majordomo and Sanitizer

From: Brian Schonecker (
Date: Fri 18 May 2001 - 13:46:05 UTC

Got one solution but not the ideal one yet:

In the listname.config file for the majordomo list there is a parameter "maxlength" which limits the size of the messages in the list.

        # maxlength [integer] (40000) <resend,digest>
        # The maximum size of an unapproved message in characters. When
        # used with digest, a new digest will be automatically generated if
        # the size of the digest exceeds this number of characters.
maxlength = 400000

O I suggest taking the relevant entries out of /etc/aliases and putting them
> in a single user's .procmailrc file instead (I've done this, works fine).
> Then you can pre-sanitize messages using a simple procmail rule as described
> in the sanitizer's manual.
> Simply killing all attachments is relatively simple once you've got the
> Sanitizer up and running.

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