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From: Peter Burkholder (
Date: Tue 24 Apr 2001 - 20:31:32 UTC

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    I recently installed Anomy to replace John Hardin's procmail
    tools on the mailserver for an academic research dept. We have
    about 300 users and receive about 2000 messages/day. We run
    sendmail 8.9 on Solaris 2.6 (and, yes, we are moving to 8.11 on Sol 8).

    While I'm very pleased with the design and execution of anomy,
    there are a few hiccups and suggestions I thought I'd share.

    1) /etc/procmailrc failed until I added:


    2) I think the stderr logging would be more useful if Time-date,
    sender and recipient were included.

    3) Attachments that have NO extension get defanged, which completely
    hosed our Mac clients until I caught it. Macs were particularly
    problematic because Eudora (at least) sends the resource fork
    and data fork as separate attachments (e.g, '%test' and 'test').
    It seems that once these got renamed ('%test.DEFANGED-001',
    'test.DEFANGED-002') the clients couldn't do anything with them.

    4) 'DEFANGED-nnnn' isn't, by default, an accepted extension, so
    as a message got bounced around it would become

    5) Shell script defanging also resulted in a cascade of
    echo DEFANGED; exit; commands it forwarded multiple times.
    Would it be sufficient to prepend a '%' or someother
    character to the shebang., e.g.

    6) I'm surprised that " " (space) is converted to _. I didn't
    know that it was a 'scary character'. I'm curious as to the
    reason for that.

    That's about it. Hate to sound like I'm carping -- rather,
    I think that Anomy is so excellent that it should be made as
    good as it can be.

    I've included some of my config file for dealing with
    points 3 and 4 above.



    -- from /etc/anomy.cfg --
    # RULES to accept .DEFANGED-nnnnn extensions
    # We use ruleset 4, since default rulesets 1-3 in
    # bin/ are okay:

    # expand list of file rules to five:

    # now, define the rule, and the policy
    file_list_4 = (?i)\.defanged-\d+$
    file_list_4_policy = accept
    file_list_4_scanner = 0

    # RULE to accept extensionless filenames
    file_list_5_policy = accept
    file_list_5_scanner = 0
    file_list_5 = ^[^\.]*$

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