Re: the magic variables

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Sun 22 Apr 2001 - 22:36:38 UTC

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    On 2001-04-21, 23:51:52 (+0000), alex morris wrote:
    > what are the variables ${@+"$@"} ???

    I'm really not sure - the ${@+"$@"} construct simply expands to
    "all arguments passed to the shell script" - which originally come
    from either procmail or sendmail itself.

    > on anomyBox in DMZ, make the .cf file utilize FEATURE(`mailertable')
    > make mailertable say
    > sanitize:[]
    > then hack upon the sanitize script, thusly
    > $MCFG | sendmail -v -oi -f ${@+"$@"}
    > It works. Users who are not local to anomyBox, but who are local to
    > insideBox receive sanitized email.
    > But, this won't work for users who live on otherBox, because I have
    > hard-coded it to insideBox in the script.
    > but how best to pass this magic variable back to the script?

    This is very similar to the hack within as documented
    in the sanitizer manual - I suggest you take a closer look at it.

    Since you are handling multiple domains you will want to configure
    a "class" as suggested in the sendmail chapter instead of matching
    on single domains.

    I'm doing almost the exact same thing as you, using the hack in the
    manual and mailertable entries - without the hackish ending, since it
    is stripped off again by sendmail after sanitization.

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