Attn. Entrepreneurs and Webmasters

From: Ronald Edwards (
Date: Wed 07 Mar 2001 - 14:25:22 UTC

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Have you ever noticed the number of small businesses that exist?

Take a look around you and you'll be surprised at how many there actually are. In fact, there are over 29 million small businesses throughout
the US and Canada. This number doesn't even include the millions of Home-based businesses.

According to Forrester Research Group (an industry leading analyst) as of date only 11% of these small businesses have actually built a
presence on the Internet.

Imagine owning your own business; choosing when and where you work, calling the shots, having more control over how much money you
earn and how you spend your time while still having the security that a corporate partner provides.

We can give you this opportunity. An opportunity that could possibly change your life forever!

By partnering with us and becoming a Webcenter Owner, you create your own dot com company and offer a website solution to other small
businesses - the opportunity to grow their current small business online with an easy to use and manage website.

Make $250-$400 per sale, plus monthly residuals. 1 sale per week @ $250 each = $1000 per month extra income. 3 sales per week @ $400
each = $3600 extra income per month! Give your clients 10 days FREE to build and evaluate their website. There are 295 pre-made templates
to fit most any business out there. E-commerce capability with shopping cart technology. Domain name selection and registration. Search
engine submission. We have it all !
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