Re: Antivirus Software - suggestions

From: Geoff Seeley (
Date: Wed 07 Mar 2001 - 17:58:46 UTC

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    > I am looking for suggestions from people as to what virus-scanner software
    > to use inconjunction with Anomy in order to scan attachments.
    > The documentation gives examples using avplinux, however they don't seem
    > support regular virus updates for the linux version of their product at
    > current time. (They say support is coming in a future release).
    > Does anyone use Sophos or any other antivirus software in conjuction with
    > Anomy? If so with how much success or failure?

    I'm using Network Associates VirusScan (McAfee) on Mandrake 7.1 linux and it
    seems to be working ok. I've cobbled together a configuration to scan
    Word/Excel/EXE/COM/etc with the virus scanner as well as an auto-update of
    the DAT files via FTP.


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