Re: Announcing rev. 1.35

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fim 01 Feb 2001 - 17:50:44 UTC

Just to clarify...

I got the following reply to my job-announcement:

> I will take a look at your new companies products as I will assume that you
> are not allowed to compete with them :-)

My new job will not effect the current sanitizer project in any
adverse way - I will continue to make the core sanitizer available
under the GPL, and will continue to update and improve it as part of
my new job. FRISK have already agreed to this and seem quite open to
listening to my ideas on how they can work with the open source

What this does mean is that new programs written by me, e.g. to do
with performance optimizations, user interface or new, more advanced
sanitization tools/modules may *not* be available as open source but
part of a commercial product. These are things I wouldn't have had
time to do as a hobby anyway, so I don't see this as a loss to the
open source sanitizer project.

So, isn't going away, and it isn't going
"closed source". :-)

Regarding license issues, almost all of the sanitier code is written
from scratch by me - there are only two functions that remain that are
based on John Hardin's code - the built in Microsoft macro scanner and
the HTML sanitizer. My code I can re-license to FRISK as I please,
but John's must stay under the GPL (unless he says otherwise). So,
assuming they want to distribute the sanitizer under a closed source
license (which hasn't yet been determined), I'll simply remove his
stuff from the code used internally by FRISK and re-implement the lost
features at work. No big deal either way. Again, this doesn't effect
the open source sanitizer project in any way - I just wanted to
clarify and make it clear that I have given these issues some thought
and fully intend to abide by the GPL.

Having said that - thanks for the kind words, and of course I
encourage everyone to do lots of business with my new employer. They
have good products and I look forward to working with them. :-)

> Have fun with your new setup !!

Thanks. :)

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