Announcing revision 1.34

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fös 29 Des 2000 - 16:15:58 UTC

Hi everyone!

I've finished squashing quite a few MIME-related bugs in the sanitizer,
and am about to upload revision 1.34 to the web site. This release
addresses all bugs that have been reported to me in the past few weeks.

>From the change-log:

    WARNING: This release modifies the output of the test cases. Your .diff
    files should contain lots of MIME headers (Content-Type, etc), but
    almost nothing else except in the uu-rfc822 case where the uuencoded
    output also changes.

    Added the "feat_fixmime" option, which will make the sanitizer try to
    output valid MIME messages even when it's input is invalid. This will
    convert illegally encoded multipart/* or message/* parts so they are
    legal and legible (8bit encoding), and will fix ambiguous boundary
    strings (see below). This feature is enabled by default.

    Modified header cleaning routine to leave clean headers on multipart
    parts completely unmodified, like in other parts. This modifies the
    output of all test cases.

    Fixed bug in Base64 decoding routine. This could corrupt messages
    which only had a single Base64-encoded part. Added a test case.

    Fixed boundary detection code to cope with how different mailers
    treat RFC822 comments within boundary strings. Ambiguous boundaries
    are replaced with unambiguous ones, unless feat_fixmime is disabled.
    Added a test case.

Enjoy - and I wish you all a happy new years. :)

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