Re: Behavior of default policy?

From: Jessie Bryan (
Date: Fim 14 Des 2000 - 19:37:35 UTC

I got the "ok" print.

Windows editor? no. Im using vi on linux. I haven't edited at

I've modified /etc/sanitizer.cfg via vi that's it.

On Thu, 14 Dec 2000, Bjarni R. Einarsson wrote:

> On 2000-12-13, 12:15:40 (-0800), Jessie Bryan wrote:
> > Here is my updated cfg file.
> > Note: The file_default_policy is still processing ALL attachments to
> > whatever the default is. My understanding if default is, if the file
> > extension does not match any of the defined policies above, to apply the
> > default rule, in this case, defang. With several email attachments sent
> > for testing, every single file was defanged, instead of saved, accepted or
> > dropped. I think the predefined policies are being completely ignored.
> > Do I need to modify the file in anyway?
> I have to admit, I'm stumped for now. No, you shouldn't have to make
> any modifications to the file.
> I can only think of two things...
> 1) your perl isn't evaluating the regular expressions properly. Try
> running the following snippet on your command line - if it works
> (prints "ok") then your perl should be fine:
> perl -e 'print "ok\n" if ("YES" =~ "(?i)y")'
> 2) Did you edit with a DOS/Windows editor? If so it may be
> full of extra CRLFs which may confuse the sanitizer (very unlikely).
> The error codes in your procmail log files did indicate that the
> sanitizer wasn't running correctly, but if they've all gone away then
> again, I'm stumped.
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