Re: Behavior of default policy?

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fim 14 Des 2000 - 17:51:09 UTC

On 2000-12-13, 12:15:40 (-0800), Jessie Bryan wrote:
> Here is my updated cfg file.
> Note: The file_default_policy is still processing ALL attachments to
> whatever the default is. My understanding if default is, if the file
> extension does not match any of the defined policies above, to apply the
> default rule, in this case, defang. With several email attachments sent
> for testing, every single file was defanged, instead of saved, accepted or
> dropped. I think the predefined policies are being completely ignored.
> Do I need to modify the file in anyway?

I have to admit, I'm stumped for now. No, you shouldn't have to make
any modifications to the file.

I can only think of two things...

 1) your perl isn't evaluating the regular expressions properly. Try
        running the following snippet on your command line - if it works
        (prints "ok") then your perl should be fine:

          perl -e 'print "ok\n" if ("YES" =~ "(?i)y")'
 2) Did you edit with a DOS/Windows editor? If so it may be
    full of extra CRLFs which may confuse the sanitizer (very unlikely).

The error codes in your procmail log files did indicate that the
sanitizer wasn't running correctly, but if they've all gone away then
again, I'm stumped.

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