Administrivia (spam protection for the list)

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fim 30 Nóv 2000 - 10:48:11 UTC

Hi again,

I just thought I'd let you know that I've taken steps to protect this
mailing list from spam - I've enabled some pretty aggressive spam blocking
checks using the ORBS and MAPS RBL lists, in addition to a few trivial
procmail rulesets which check the subject, to and from headers.

This also means that if any of you are blacklisted by ORBS or MAPS,
that your mail won't make it to the list. If this happens, then I urge
you to get your relays fixed. :-)

If any of you are interested in the script I wrote to check the blackhole
lists, it can be found here:

This script is quite handy for people like me who have looots of unprotected
email addresses all forwarding mail to a central account, because it checks
all of the message's headers for signs that it passed through a blacklisted
relay - normal sendmail/qmail/... protection only checks the *last* relay,
so it cannot stop forwarded spam. Of course, my way costs a bit more CPU...

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