Announcing revision 1.32

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fim 30 Nóv 2000 - 10:27:43 UTC

Hi all,

Yesterday, while trying to track down an odd bug on Solaris, I found
a brown-paper-bag in how the sanitizer was handling uuencoded inline
attachments - they were being corrupted.

I've fixed this, and fixed some other minor issues I uncovered while
building new test-cases, and have released revision 1.32 of the
sanitizer. I highly recommend that everyone upgrade.

I don't know whether I fixed the Solaris bug or not - those of you
(if you're subscribed...) that had the problem, please let me know
if I squashed it.

The changelog entry follows:

Revision 1.32: (November 30)

    This is the second "finding lots of bugs with test-cases" release.

    Fixed a pretty ugly bug in the inline/uuencoded handler. It was
    corrupting attachments - everyone should upgrade to fix this problem.

    Fixed a bug in the filename truncation code, made the filename scoring
    more consistant (all matches increment score by one unless ! policy
    modifier is used).

    Improved the testcase framework to allow people to test their own
    configurations against future versions of the sanitizer and added more

    Added basic mime-type -> filename mappings, to catch unnamed MS-TNEF
    attachments (winmail.dat). At the moment very few mime-types are
    recognized, more will be added in the future.

    Stopped using recent (perl 5.005) "substr" syntax. This should allow
    the sanitizer to work unmodified with older (at least 5.004) versions of

    This revision *may* work-around out-of-memory problems in the
    MIME::Base64 module under Solaris.

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