Announcing revision 1.31

From: Bjarni Runar Einarsson (
Date: Fös 24 Nóv 2000 - 10:12:09 UTC

I've updated the sanitizer, the new version is at, as usual.

The most exciting thing about this release is the set of test-cases,
which should help me keep this thing stable and let you guys verify
independantly that your installation works properly. Not all features
of the sanitizer are tested yet, but I'll be working on that. In a
language like perl, where there is almost no type-checking, it's
rather important that each line of code is tested at least once - so
that's my goal. :)

I also plan to improve the test-case framework so you will be able to
plug in your own configurations, and thus see if any behavior *you*
are using changes between releases.

Finally, as a side-effect, the test cases also provide you with a set
of samples to examine, in case you're wondering what a certain feature
do to incoming mail...

The planned features for the *next* release are (in order of

  1) Bug fixes, if I find any bugs.
  2) Default filenames for unnamed parts (based on MIME-type).
  3) More test cases.
  4) More flexible testing framework.

If anyone wants to send me monetary encouragement, I've opened an
account at, so people can easily donate cash. The URL
for my "order page" is:
I figured it was worth a try, anyway... :-)

The relevant CHANGELOG entries for this release follow:

Revision 1.31: (November 24, 2000)

    Made the 'DEFANGED' text used by all sanitization routines user
    configurable. Also made the strings 'BLACKLISTED' and 'PANIC'
    Updated the documentation quite a bit.

Revision 1.29, 1.30: (not released)

    Added basic handling of RFC822 comments within message headers, negating
    possible problems with name="filename.v(comment)bs" attributes slipping

    Added code to make outputted Base64-encoded data use the same line
    lengths as the input data used, when possible.

    Made output-header encoding code less aggressive.

    Added handling of inline/message/rfc822 parts (uuencoded rfc822

    Minor tweaks to HTML sanitizer.

    Added the testcases/ directory, created test cases for some of the
    sanitizer's features (with more to come).

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