Re: Do you brave enought to conquest the world?

From: Bjarni Runar Einarsson (
Date: Fim 09 Nóv 2000 - 17:46:09 UTC

Note: you sent this to the mailing list, so I'm sending this reply to
the same forum. If you wanted this to be a private discussion, just
send mail directly to next time. :)

On 2000-11-09, 18:44:48 (+0200), Vlad Vul wrote:
> And your system is even better!
> It protects against unknown viruses, too.
> It can protect against almost all possible by-email attacks.

Thanks. :) It's not quite that good, but that certainly is my goal.

> Why not to put your invention to commercial way?
> You can be MX server for many companies, checking their mail trafic for viruses
> and earn money. It is a great business, a lot of demand in this market.

This is an excellent idea, and one that I have considered already. But
I'm not at the moment ready to take on the risks involved in starting
my own full-time business - soon maybe, but not yet. In my free time
I'm building up a buisiness built around mail-related services,
starting with mailing lists ( This sort of email
sanitizing/filtering service would be part of the next step, when I
actually begin to provide services to companies.

One problem is that I'm not really interested in building a buisiness,
I'm interested in building software. So I encourage you and everyone
else to implement this very idea, get filthy rich, and send me
thank-you letters (and lots of dollars, of course) for my help.


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