Do you brave enought to conquest the world?

From: Vlad Vul (
Date: Fim 09 Nóv 2000 - 16:44:48 UTC

Hi, Bjarni!

I am ISP sys adm. I have setup trivial virus scaner for my domain.
It is a great deal!
Every day I get virus reports, most of them are macro viruses in doc files,
but some of them is troyan atacks, trying to stole my customer's logins.

And your system is even better!
It protects against unknown viruses, too.
It can protect against almost all possible by-email attacks.

And also it can store mail archives for backup, manage it, route letters depending
of it's content.

If Microsoft was could setup such kind of protection on their mail
system, they could void their recent troubles with hackers.

Why not to put your invention to commercial way?
You can be MX server for many companies, checking their mail trafic for viruses
and earn money. It is a great business, a lot of demand in this market.

No software/hardware/learning/tunings required from customers, just a little
money. It is a keyword - INSTANT protection, no need to setup something.
And very low cost - one server can process millions letters per day.

What you think about it?


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