Re: Strange behaviour (by Exchange client?)

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fim 02 Nóv 2000 - 01:39:05 UTC

On 2000-10-27, 21:49:28 (+0100), Kim Johnny Mathisen wrote:
> I have used sanitizer in a mailhub for some time now, and a considerable
> amount of emails have passed through (about 500.000). What I (finally!) have

Cool. I like big numbers. :-)

> noticed is that email with attachments sent from a Exchange-client is
> dropped (even if it is a "legal" file-extension) if _ is used in the
> filename. Somehow this only applies to filnames with _ (space and possibly
> other characters seems to work fine).
> >From a transaction:
> ----
> Changed filename to:
> K_Hosem2000_foredrag_Atle.__ppt-250900-161707.XS
> Original filename was:
> K Høsem2000 foredrag Atle.
> ppt
> ----
> This is not true! The original filename was K_Høs....
> Now, how could this happen? A \n in a filename? A _ lost?

Unless you inserted the line break above yourself, then somehow one
or more weird characters are getting inserted between the "." and
the "ppt" extension. This matches perfectly the double __ in the
mangled version of the name - one for the newline, another for a TAB
character. Or one for CR, another for LF...

As before, I can't really verify this (let alone do any debugging)
without a clean copy of an offending message to work with. Your
setup is also so complicated that I find it most likely that you
are seeing a problem resulting from interaction between the
commercial virus scanner you are using and Anomy.

I can tell you that I wasn't able to reproduce any funny behavior
on this end, neither to do with underscores (_) in file names nor
embedded newlines. But that isn't saying much, since i don't
really know what exactly I'm looking for...

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