Strange behaviour (by Exchange client?)

From: Kim Johnny Mathisen (
Date: FŲs 27 Okt 2000 - 20:49:28 UTC

sorry if this only applies to a marginally audience, but...

I have used sanitizer in a mailhub for some time now, and a considerable
amount of emails have passed through (about 500.000). What I (finally!) have
noticed is that email with attachments sent from a Exchange-client is
dropped (even if it is a "legal" file-extension) if _ is used in the
filename. Somehow this only applies to filnames with _ (space and possibly
other characters seems to work fine).

>From a transaction:

Changed filename to:

Original filename was: K HÝsem2000 foredrag Atle. ppt ----

This is not true! The original filename was K_HÝs....

Now, how could this happen? A \n in a filename? A _ lost?



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