Re: Postfix

From: Bennett Todd (
Date: Þri 03 Okt 2000 - 22:27:28 UTC

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2000-10-03-18:22:47 Bennett Todd:
> There's currently no way in the production postfix releases to do
> content filtering.

Boy do I ever feel dumb. That's obviously not true. I had my
blinders on, sorry.

In all Postfix releases, there are two sorts of content filtering
you can do. One doesn't apply to the request at hand, that's content
filtering in the local delivery process, procmail and the like.

The other is done with two postfix spool areas, one running as an
SMTP receiver that delivers to the second one by way of a pipe that
goes through the content filter. So something like anomy _can_ be
plugged in to any postfix. Lars Hecking has posted instructions on
how to set up this dual-postfix filtering arrangement, he uses it
for Amavis with Postfix. His instructions ought to be in postfix
mailing list archives. I'm sorry I don't seem to have any helpful
refs handy at the moment.


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