Re: Postfix

From: Bjarni Runar Einarsson (
Date: Þri 03 Okt 2000 - 16:10:24 UTC

On 2000-09-29, 16:53:19 (+0100), Pedro Timoteo wrote:
> Hi. I have recently moved from Sendmail to Postfix, and would like to know
> how I can use Anomy with it. The server is a relay-only one, it doesn't
> deliver mail to local users.

Unfortunately, as far as I know noone has configured Postfix and the
sanitizer to work together. I don't know anything about Postfix -
but if it is possible to pipe messages through filters at some point
in the delivery/relaying process, then using the sanitizer should be

Please let us know if you figure it out!

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