RE: Anomy on a mail gateway

From: Kim Johnny Mathisen (
Date: Fim 21 Sep 2000 - 07:36:09 UTC

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>From: Pedro Timoteo []
>Hi. Is there an easy way to set up Anomy in a mail gateway,
>which relays
>the (filtered) emails to another server?

We are doing this kind of relaying. We have set up two qmail-servers (pri
and sec MX) which acts as pure relay-servers (no local accounts). These two
accepts email from internet, pushes them through sanitizer and then forwards
them to the "real" email-servers.

This is what you have to do:
1. Install qmail with the qmail-queue-patch
2. Install tcpserver (ucspi)
3. Make tcpserver set the qmail-queue-parameter/variable
4. Configure qmail to act as a relay server

If you are not familiarized with qmail(-queue) you will find most of the
info you need at

This was the short-short-short-version. Feel free to contact me if you need
it more specified. Bjarni, if you need a detailed description (a la the
sendmail chapter) to you README-file I can make it, but it may take a few
days :)


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