PDF-files gets corrupted

From: Kim Johnny Mathisen (
Date: Fim 07 Sep 2000 - 13:24:46 UTC


I have a rather strange problem with the sanitizer 1.25. Somehow, a few
files gets corrupted after going thru.

The PDF-format is allowed thru without modification (says the config), and
the log says nothing. Since the problem only (so far) shows up when we get
PDF's from a given source, I suspect there are some metainformation in the
files, but why should sanititzer care?

Let me give an example. The file "bau36.pdf" is the result after a normal
PDF has been examined by sanitizer 1.25. My next message will include the
original file.



Kim Johnny Mathisen

        -- 8< -- attachment; filename="bau36.pdf" --

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