Re: printing log to message

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fös 18 Ágú 2000 - 10:24:09 UTC

On 2000-08-17, 15:46:54 (-0500), mark david mcCreary wrote:
> Bjarni
> I am still testing your system. I have decided that I need to invoke your
> sanitizer separately to defang HTML. That is, I will defang HTML only when
> it's HTML email.

OK - but you do realize that this will let e.g. HTML attachments with
dangerous parts through? Also, from what I've heard some Microsoft
products - possibly Outlook - ignore MIME types and make their own guesses
about what sort of contents are in the mail. Thus sending someone a
"text/plain" part, with a filename of "blah.html" will avoid the sanitizer
but still cause potential harm to the end user.

> I would like the log of actions taken written to procmail/smartlist, but
> not to the message itself.
> I am finding that my message gets the log, as well as the
> procmail/smartlist log. I have tried a couple of different settings for
> this, without success.

> feat_log_inline = 0 # Attach log to message.
> feat_log_stderr = 1 # Print log to stderr.

That should work - you found a bug.

It's a one-character fix though. In line 405, there is a regular

        $val =~ s/^\s+#.*$//;

Delete the '^' character, so it reads:

        $val =~ s/\s+#.*$//;

And you should be all set. This will be the only change in revision
1.24, which I will release in a few minutes.

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