printing log to message

From: mark david mcCreary (
Date: Fim 17 Ágú 2000 - 20:46:54 UTC


I am still testing your system. I have decided that I need to invoke your
sanitizer separately to defang HTML. That is, I will defang HTML only when
it's HTML email.

I would like the log of actions taken written to procmail/smartlist, but
not to the message itself.

I am finding that my message gets the log, as well as the
procmail/smartlist log. I have tried a couple of different settings for
this, without success.

For instance,

score_bad = 999
score_panic = 999

feat_verbose = 1
feat_log_inline = 0 # Attach log to message.
feat_log_stderr = 1 # Print log to stderr.
feat_files = 0 # Enable filename-based policy decisions.
feat_boundaries = 0 # Replace all boundary strings with our own.
feat_lengths = 0 # Protect against buffer overflows.
feat_scripts = 0 # Defang incoming shell scripts.
feat_html = 1 # Defang active HTML content.
feat_trust_pgp = 0 # Do not trust PGP signed messages
feat_uuencoded = 0 # Sanitized UU encoded attachments.
feat_forwards = 1 # Sanitize forwarded messages.

header_info = X-Security: Defanged active HTML commands in body of message
header_url = 0
header_rev = 0

file_name_tpl => 'att-$F-$T.$$'

file_list_rules = 1
file_default_policy = defang

and also the same except

feat_log_stderr = 0


feat_verbose = 0

Both times I get this in the smartlist log (which is good)

procmail: Executing "../.bin/,anomy_defang"

This message has been 'sanitized'. This means that potentially
dangerous content has been rewritten or removed. The following
log describes which actions were taken.

[ score: 1 ]
28150 Rewrote HTML tag:
        _style type="text/css"_
as _DEFANGED_style type="text/css"_

but I also get it in the email message, which is bad.

What I am not doing to keep the email message itself from being altered ?



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