syntax for using with exit codes

From: mark david mcCreary (
Date: Mán 07 Ágú 2000 - 02:03:36 UTC

I am interested in using the email sanitizer with a Smartlist mailing list.
Since Smartlist is built on Procmail, and the Anomy 1.20 release supports
exit codes, this might be possible ?

I want to call the Anomy santizer in rc.local.s05, for instance. Any
problems detected need to trigger the addition of an X-Diagnostic header in
the email. Then further downstream in Smartlist, the message will be
rejected because of the X-Diagnostic header.

Currently, my rc.local.s05 looks like this


VIRUS_CODE=`../.bin/ anomy_configuration`

* ! VIRUS_CODE ?? 0
| formail -A "X-Diagnostic: rejected because of suspected virus"

I can get the santizer to be called, but it looks like it assigns
VIRUS_CODE the entire email, instead of the exit code.

My understanding of exit codes in procmail, is that you can set an exit
code, and that will terminate procmail and return to the MTA.

For example,

            # Set an exit code. 77 = EX_NOPERM
            EXITCODE = 77

So Procmail exit codes do not seem to apply here ?

I want the Anomy sanitizer to return an exit code, indicating what sort of
problems it found, if any. That is, an exit code if active HTML was
a different exit code if an attachment file name was known to be a virus, etc.

What are my options in getting Anomy to scan mail prior to be sent to a
Smartlist mailing list.



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