Re: I've installed anomy, but it don't run

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Þri 13 Jún 2000 - 10:20:55 UTC

On 2000-06-13, 11:35:36 (+0200), Matthias Warmbold wrote:
> Hi,
> I've installed anomy. My users don't have an home-dir. So I added the request
> lines ":0 c ...." in the /etc/procmailrc - File. Is this o.k. for procmail to
> start the anomy-Filter-set?

Yes, this should be fine - but please note that this will mean that the
filter will run as root, which may not be an acceptable security risk to
you, depending on your policies and paranoia.

AFAIK it *is* safe to run the sanitizer as root, assuming you follow these

    - Don't use a world-writable directory for file quarantine. This
      means don't use /tmp ! Create a special directory for quarantines
      and make sure noone but root has access to it.

    - Don't use any 3rd party virus scanners, as they might have overflows
      or other security problems.

> I see no hint that anomy works. Where are log-files, what's wrong....

Anomy creates no log files of its own, at the moment. This is on my TODO
list, but I haven't decided which method I intend to use.

In the meantime, using the following rules in your /etc/procmailrc would
create one for you though:

# Enable logging of filter's STDERR to a file

# Filter mail
:0 f
|/path/to/anomy/bin/ "feat_log_stderr = 1"

# Decrease logging back to normal

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