Announcing rev. 1.19

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Mán 12 Jún 2000 - 19:00:07 UTC


I'm about to upload a new revision of the sanitizer to my web site.
The changelog entry is included below.

So far what little feedback I've gotten has been positive, I'm still
finding all the buglets myself by re-reading the code. The biggest
outstanding issues with the sanitizer at the moment are strict
RFC822 compliance and performance.

If anyone knows of any perl optimization tutorials, please send me
URLs. :-) I'd also be interested to know if the sanitizer is actually
performing better than it's shell-based counterparts. It should be,
but it's hard to tell.

Revision 1.19: (June 12, 2000)

    Misc. minor bugfixes.

    Added expiramental support for scanning forwarded messages as if
    they were message/RFC822 parts.

    Fixed the HTML sanitizer so it wouldn't break email addresses which
    look like HTML tags: <like@this>

    Fixed RFC compliance of Base64 decoder - it will now properly ignore
    any invalid input, including newlines. Unfortunately, this needs yet
    another buffer, and slows us down when decoding such attachments.

There are also two new configuration variables, feat_uuencoded and
feat_forwards, which can be used to turn off UU-encoded inline
attachment sanitizing and forwarded message sanitizing, respectivly.
Both are enabled by default.

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