From: Kim Johnny Mathisen (
Date: Mán 29 Maí 2000 - 13:40:45 UTC


we are currently using the sanitizer-filter as a supplement to a anti-virus
solution. The purpose of this is to stop/scramble unknown filtypes, and to
get a additional queue in case we have to wait for a patch for the
anti-virus solution (it took 2 hours when ILOVEYOU struck).

Now, what I would like to see/get some help implementing is a option where I
could drop a copy of the original mail down to a temp area
(/var/qmail/wait/$pid.tmp for example), and to delete the blacklist/unknown
MIME-part from the mail that gets forwarded to the user.

This way I could have a quarantine on blacklist/unknown mail, but at the
same time forward the message (it could be important!) to the users.



Kim Johnny Mathisen

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