Hi Bjarni,
I have noticed that Anomy ver. 1.54 still messes up embedded contents in a particular case. That particular case is, when the extremely stupid, and inumerably cursed MS Outlook Express, by chance, encodes binary files as QuotedPrintable, which it does quite frequently. I had severe problems when I started to use Anomy, so I had to learn how to program in Perl very quickly, and go through the Anomy code with gdb, and see if the problem was possible to solve.
I sent you a mail Aug 04 about this, where I attached the modified MIMEStream.pm + an example mail that was wrongly coded by M$ Outlook Express. As I got a mail from you, where you forwarded a request from Noel Clarkson (noel.clarkson@vic.uca.org.au), I guess that the problem still is not solved.
The modified MIMEStream works perfectly for our purposes, killing *ALL* HTML-contents in incoming messages, killing, defanging, or letting through according to the settings in anomy.conf, and leaving attachments, in messages that slip through, that erroneously were sent as QuotedPrintable, in the original shape. I use a dual setup with PostFix, where outgoing mail is unfiltered, but incoming goes through the needle's eye. It has saved us at least 20-30 times since the end of July, when I first installed the modified MIMEStream.pm.
I send you the modified MIMEStream (from ver. 1.49) + the erroneously coded mail, once again, so you don't have got to go through tons of other messages. Just remove the .txt extensions and things will be in original shape (you don't defang .txt messages, do you?)
Best regards,
Peter Milesson
Sysadm at ATMOS (miles@atmos.cz)