I was trying to install sanitizer on a Intel Red Hat Linux 8.0, when I got some error messages running the testall script.
I checked all steps and couldn't find the problem. Every requirement for sanitizer seems to be ok.
Here is the errors and file logs.
Checking prerequisites... ok.
Running tests ...
sanitizer.appledouble:  ok
sanitizer.bad_html:     ok
sanitizer.base64:       ok
sanitizer.boundary:     ok
sanitizer.defaults:     failed  (moved result files to results.def)
sanitizer.exchange:     ok
sanitizer.filenames:    failed  (moved result files to results.def)
sanitizer.force_hdr:    ok
sanitizer.forwarded:    ok
sanitizer.fprotd:       SKIPPED: F-Prot not installed.  ok
sanitizer.logging:      ok
sanitizer.mime_depth:   ok
sanitizer.msg-crlf:     ok
sanitizer.partial:      ok
sanitizer.plugin:       ok
sanitizer.rfc822:       ok
sanitizer.uu-rfc822:    ok
simplify.multipart:     ok
System information:
Architecture: Intel
Operating system: Red Hat 8.0
I installed on system this Perl Modules:
You'll find more informarion in the attachment... (All configuration files are there!)
I hope you can help me find the problem.
Daniel Merino Masina
IT - Manager
APLUB Informatica Ltda.