Bug in EncodeHeader sub routine.

From: Michal Weinfurtner (
Date: Fri 13 May 2005 - 20:03:37 GMT

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    I think thare is a bug in subroutine EncodeHeader(). The string encoded
    by encode_qp function contains at the end two characters "=\n" On line
    1523 is a regexp which trying to remove "=\r?\n" characters, BUT one
    line before is chomp() function called on that string, which remove the
    last "\n" character due regexp on the next line can't work. Than,
    quoted_printable chracter string is corupted when decoded in MUA !

    There is a snippet of original code of that routine:
    1522 chomp $string;
    1523 $string =~ s/=$CR?$LF//gs;
    1524 $string = $prefix.$string.'?=';

    Corection ? it works for me :-)
    1522 $string =~ s/=$CR?$LF//gs;
    1523 chomp $string;
    1524 $string = $prefix.$string.'?=';

    Another Bug is when filename is encoded ! When filename of MIME
    attachement is encoded, there is lost information about charset of this
    encoding of filename ! When filename is encoded back, there is a default
    charset writen instead of original one. I can't find a part of code
    which is responsible for it. :-(


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