From: David Fetrow (
Date: Tue 25 May 2004 - 17:54:30 GMT


 This is a request for a feature we think
 would be useful, hopefully to you and others as well.

 We would like to institute a self-retrieve website
 so we needn't unquarantine every legit attachment (all .1%
 of them).

 One way that would be MUCH easier/secureable is if we had a way
 to attach the login name to the filename as saved (note:
 we save ours in around 60 subdirectories by first character
 of original attachment; makes things more manageable).

 e.g. att-$A-$F-$T.$$

  where $A is the address (or username) it was sent to.
 If we could save as the username, even better.

 I have sent (again) a donation (for 2 hours this time).

 I do NOT expect any obligation to consider this change,
 anomy is well worth it in any case.

David Fetrow Office: 206 616-0869
Distributed Computing Services
Applied Physics Lab, Univ. of Washington

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