content-id in multipart/related messages

From: Martijn de Vries (
Date: Thu 09 Oct 2003 - 14:15:18 GMT

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    The sanitizer appears to be using the content-id of attachments in
    multipart/related messages as the attachment's filename. The problem is
    that content-ids end with the sender's domain name, which (for users under
    the .com TLD) causes the sanitizer to incorrectly treat all attachments as
    .com files.

    For example:

    Content-Type: multipart/related;


    Content-Type: image/jpeg;
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
    Content-ID: <>
    Content-Disposition: inline;

    The attachment is a jpeg file, yet it is treated as a .com file and
    subsequently removed.

    I'm running the 1.63 version of the Sanitizer.

    Best regards,

    Martijn de Vries

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