Re: Fw: possible bug + patch for

From: Robbie Dinn (
Date: Mon 22 Sep 2003 - 11:48:33 GMT

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    Hello Derrick,

    Derrick Webber wrote:
    > Hmm... where did you get your copy of tnef2multipart from?

    It was the from the URL to you specify below. Specifically, it was the
    version 4 script. I made some minor chages to fetch ANOMY and ANOMY_CONF
    from the environment, instead using hard coded values in the script. But
    I didn't include them in the patch because I considered them to be
    site specific changes. This might explain any offsets in the patch.

    > The "official" source at uses
    > "open", not "concat". Perhaps you got the script through Yahoo mail or
    > some antivirus gateway that rewrites certain words (see

    Virus gateway rewriting the script? This sounds very plausible.

    > (We've also added MD5 checksums for all the scripts, just in case you are
    > behind a script-mangling content filter of some kind ;-)

    I just down loaded the version 5 script:

    If I use wget, wget retrieve the file correctly.
    If I repeat with mozilla using privoxy as a proxy, the file is corupted.
    (privoxy is aka Internet junk buster).
    If I tell mozilla to not use a proxy, the file is retrieved correctly

    Conclusion: The file corruption was happening locally on my machine
    because I was using privoxy.

    My appologies for 'crying wolf' here.

    Robbie Dinn

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