Bug With Newlines and PDF Attachments

From: Stephen J. Schmidt (
Date: Mon 08 Sep 2003 - 18:39:51 GMT

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    I believe that there is an error in your Anomy code somewhere. An error
    that causes a large number of binary attachments processed by these
    programs to become corrupted. I don't understand perl too well, nor do
    I understand exactly what is going on in the Anomy program. I was using
    the latest version of F-prot for Linux e-mail servers that includes
    Sanitizer v1.79 and MIMEStream v1.74. I have been using the F-Prot in the /etc/procmailrc that is part of my client's postfix
    e-mail server. Many of the Adobe Acrobat PDF file attachments that they
    received recently have been corrupted. I traced the problem to
    something in the f-prot software adding an extra \r (carriage return)
    character before several of the \n (newline) characters in the
    attachment. I think that the Anomy software is incorrectly detecting
    that the binary PDF file is a text file whose newline characters it can
    change. If I'm right about this problem, I think it's very dangerous
    for the F-Prot software auto-detect the newline convention like this,
    because it is obviously wrong in many cases.

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