testall fails in 3 tests and skipps 1

From: Thiemo Kellner (
Date: Thu 29 May 2003 - 21:05:08 GMT

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    I try to install sanitizer on a gentoo linux box. Having done so, I did
    the testall mentionned in the documentation. However, three tests
    failed and one got skipped.

    I suppose that the sailure of sanitizer.default is due to LANG setting
    differences between my server and the reference platform.

    I am not sure whether the two failures are due to the fact that I use
    revision 1.60.

    The skipping of one does sound to bad. What is it for?

          - Architecture: Intel
          - Operating system: Gentoo Linux
          - Perl version: revision 5.0 version 8 subversion 0

    I am not sure whether my config is of importance I attached it anyway.

    I am trying to figure out how to send messages to this list without
    having them rejected... therefore no attachements this time.


    Thiemo output

    Checking prerequisites... ok.
    Running tests ...

    sanitizer.appledouble: ok
    sanitizer.bad_html: ok
    sanitizer.base64: ok
    sanitizer.boundary: ok
    sanitizer.defaults: failed (moved result files to results.def) ok
    sanitizer.filenames: failed (moved result files to results.def)
    sanitizer.force_hdr: ok
    sanitizer.forwarded: ok
    sanitizer.fprotd: SKIPPED: F-Prot not installed. ok
    sanitizer.logging: ok
    sanitizer.mime_depth: ok
    sanitizer.msg-crlf: ok
    sanitizer.partial: ok
    sanitizer.pgptext: ok
    sanitizer.plugin: ok
    sanitizer.rev1_58: ok
    sanitizer.rev1_60: failed (moved result files to results.def)
    sanitizer.rfc822: ok
    sanitizer.uu-rfc822: ok
    simplify.multipart: ok

    One or more tests failed! There are two possible reasons for this:

          1) Something was fixed, and your test-case results need to be updated.
          2) I (the author) broke something.

    Please check the change-log to see which it is. If it's number 1), then
    just replace the .ok file with the .out file generated by the failed test,
    in your result directory.

    Otherwise - if you think something is broken (case 2), please send the
    following info to

          - Architecture (e.g. Sparc, Intel, Alpha. ...)
          - Operating system (e.g. RedHat 6.2, Solaris 8, HP-UX, ...)
          - Perl version (the output of "perl -V")
          - Any relevant Anomy configuration files (e.g. for the sanitizer).
          - Copies of all result files for the failed tests (they should
    have the
            extensions .ok, .out, .diff and .log).


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