Bug with quoted-printable and GPG

From: Brett Cundal (
Date: Wed 30 Apr 2003 - 15:34:30 GMT

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    I've noticed a problem with Sanitizer (1.57)... It seems to handle
    quoted-printable differently than most mail clients. When there are
    multiple spaces at the end of a line, quoted-printable requires the
    last to be quoted, so the MUA's I've tested with (mutt and Outlook) do
    the following:

    test =20

    When Sanitizer gets a hold of it, it converts this to:


    i.e., it quotes every trailing space, instead of just the last.

    This breaks GPG signatures. The whole point of using quoted-printable
    is so intermediaries don't mangle messages, so it's kind of a
    problem if they do. :)

    The fact that it's rewriting signed content at all is a bigger
    problem... I tried to find an option to skip signed messages, but
    couldn't locate it. I also couldn't locate an option to turn off
    quoted-printable reformatting in general. Do those options exist?

    Anyhow, please let me know if this is a known issue, or if there is a
    workaround. Thanks.

    -- Brett


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