Re: Bug with quoted-printable and GPG

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Wed 30 Apr 2003 - 16:03:01 GMT

On 2003-04-30, 08:34:30 (-0700), Brett Cundal wrote:
> The fact that it's rewriting signed content at all is a bigger
> problem... I tried to find an option to skip signed messages, but
> couldn't locate it. I also couldn't locate an option to turn off
> quoted-printable reformatting in general. Do those options exist?
> Anyhow, please let me know if this is a known issue, or if there is a
> workaround. Thanks.

It is a known issue, closely related to this one:

The current workaround is the same:

I'm looking into other solutions, none of them are out of alpha yet
though. :-)

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