Issues in tests for Solaris 9

From: Jesus Martinez Rubio (
Date: Fri 13 Dec 2002 - 11:33:24 GMT

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    I've detected 2 issues running the in Solaris 9/Sparc/Perl 5.8

    1. The is mainly done for "bash" in Linux but the standard shell
    "sh" in Solaris doesn't have the features (same language) that the linux
    version. I've changed in the reference to bash and works fine. I
    believe is better directly you change the references to "bash" and advise in
    the INSTALL file about the requirement to do the tests.

    2. The references used to /bin/false in the configuration of the sanitizer
    to run a false "virtual antivirus", wait for a exit error code of 1, but the
    Solaris 9 /bin/false exits with 255. Then, the diff files show an "Unknown
    exit code: 65280" (perl variable $? 255*256). I've modified the test files
    sanitizer.base64.t and sanitizer.filenames.t in the following way:
    Where appear
            file_list_1_scanner = 0:1::/bin/false
    has been changed to
            file_list_1_scanner = 0:1,255::/bin/false


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