anomy-bugs hangs

From: Chris Barown (
Date: Fri 06 Dec 2002 - 19:03:11 GMT

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    Every once in a while hangs on my
    Freebsd machine. I changed the script that calls
    it so that I don't lose those emails anymore.
    I then played with the most recent email that
    caused it to hang and determined that the line:

    X-UIDL: :c""!P^2!!449!!3K<!!

    is what is causing it to hang. Is there something
    I can do in the way of configuration that will
    stop this from hanging? When I look at the server
    after a weekend, there are frequently 5-7 processes
    that are hung, which results in a very large load
    on the machine.

    Chris Barown

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