strange string in e-mail causes timeouts

From: Tilman Kastner (
Date: Sun 13 Oct 2002 - 15:46:23 GMT

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    Hello to all!

    some time ago i sent this message to the MIMEDefang mailing list.
    noone answered.

    As this issue seems to be Anomy-related, perhaps somebody on this list

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but perhaps someone
    else had
    the same problem:

    Sometimes our mail server is choking on emails, that is a
    eats one CPU completely and after the timeout sendmail gives an 4.71
    try again
    error. I tracked down the problem to a strange character string which
    seems to
    occur in HTML-Spam only. I did an ltrace on the hanging process, which
    came out

    malloc(46) = 0x088a36f8
    memcpy(0x088a36f8, "<BFRYTE^3247(^(PO1:KJ)_8J7BJK9^""..., 45) =
    __strtol_internal("1", NULL, 10) = 1
    memmove(0x089f6430, 0x088a36f8, 45, 0, 0x0885ae70) = 0x089f6430
    memmove(0x08c109b8, 0x089f6430, 45, 0x08c411e0, 0x08857470) = 0x08c109b8
    malloc(46) = 0x08c10968
    memmove(0x08c10968, 0x08c109b8, 45, 2, 0x08c09854) = 0x08c10968
    free(0x088a3868) = <void>
    ferror(0x08baff80) = 0
    _IO_getc(0x08c2e248) = 'EOF'
    memmove(0x08c305b0, 0xbfffd6bc, 0, 0x080b29eb, -1) = 0x08c305b0
    clearerr(0x08c2e248, 0x08c2e248, 0, 0x080b6dbb, 0x0890f5c8) = 0x08c2e248

    and so on. Everytime an email contains this "<BFRYTE^3247(^(PO1:KJ)...",
    the process goes nuts while trying to sanitize the HTML part with
    Anomy. I upgraded Anomy to the
    new 1.54 release, still the same problem. Interestingly, if you do a
    Google groups search
    for "BFRYTE" you will get more than 100 hits, which is all this
    character string, all at the end
    of different spam mails.

    What's going on here?


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