rule with policy=unknown will include att while it should not

From: wolfgang (
Date: Wed 14 Aug 2002 - 13:06:50 UTC

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    Hi list,

    I found a bug in - could anyone confirm.

    If you have a 'rule' with 'policy=unknow' the attachement will be
    included, but the attachement should only be included if 'policy=accept'
    are found.

    My rules have the following layout:

    rule_1 policy=unknown
    rule_2 policy=accept
    default policy=drop

    If the att in case will reach the default policy the att should be
    droped, but at this time the att are already re-readed from disk. The
    policy=drop will change the type to text/plain which will result in
    garbage at MUA view.

    To change this behaviour search for the following line in file

                    if (defined $fh)

    replace with
                    if (defined $fh && ($pol ne "unknown") )

    Wolfgang Käß

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