Weird handling of MIME header.

From: Erik Brown (
Date: Tue 11 Jun 2002 - 17:24:54 UTC

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    I have a client that I have setup and configured the Sanitizer filter on,
    but when they get a message from this one client it comes across garbled. I
    have captured the messages before they are handled by Sanitizer and after
    they are handled by Sanitizer. When I re-deliver the message to my self via
    sendmail "" < badmessage I can recreate the garbled message.
    BUT if I remove the line in the message that says MIME-Version: 1.0 and then
    redeliver the message to myself, the attachment shows up fine.

    The email flow that I have setup is as follows:

    SMTP - Postfix > Sanitizer > Spam Assassin > Postfix > SMTP - Exchange

    I have captured the messages without the Spam Assassin in place and the
    messages go through fine, so I believe it is something in the

    Any suggestions. My Perl scripting knowledge is limited and I'm kinda stuck
    at this point. There are two files in the zip, one is the capture before the
    filter touches it, and one is after the filters (Sanitizer and Spam
    Assassin) touches it.

    Erik Brown
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