Possible bug or oops with attachments

From: Philip Wall / Wild Card (
Date: Mon 22 Apr 2002 - 21:24:24 UTC

Was testing my Anomy install today to verify that all is working well
and I noticed a oddity. My setup first
Postfix MTA
Procmail doing local deliveries
Anomy running from .procmailrc
Sophos sweep called from Anomy

If I send an email with an attachment say a doc file that is infected
with Class-B and the virus scanner fixes it. Anomy will reattach the
file to the message with the name mangled which is what I want it to do.
But in the message there is no hint from Anomy as to what the name was
or what it had done.
Nothing like. There was an attachment contained in this message that
 was infected but was fixed by the virus scanner. The oldname was
blahblah.blah it was renamed to blacklisted.defanged-66. Something
similar to what it says when it strips out an attachment.
Is it possible to change the naming system it uses for mangled
attachments? So intsead of this not obvious blacklisted thing to
something like mangled-originalname-doc.random3letter.

Name: Philip Wall
Handle: Wild Card
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