Re: undefined value as a symbol reference

From: Alexander Kouznetsov (
Date: Thu 11 Apr 2002 - 18:19:56 UTC

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    it's about my last posting with the same subject.
    've been making test, and sanitazer i sable to fork fine specifying the
    config file, from the command line, in my casi it's:
    /opt/anomy/bin/ /etc/sanitizer.cfg < test | less

    so i assume the problem i've planted shall be somewhere in the
    procmail-sanitizer interface

    i've tryed the combo of
    :0 fw
    | grep -v "X-"
    in /etc/procmailrc (it removes the extended headers stuff from the message),
    works fine, so i must think the pipe thing to sanitizer shall work well, the
    problem might be some enviroment variables

    yes, defiently so, running
    /opt/anomy/bin/ /etc/sanitizer.cfg < test | less
    as no-root cause
    "Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference at
    /opt/anomy//bin/Anomy/ line 985" message
    let's see...
    comapring enviroment variable for running my command line test between root
    and non-root
    the only relevant differences are o'course UID and relative things (can do
    nothing about this) PATH (does not make difference, just tested), PIPESTATUS
    (don't know what the hell is this for, no diff as well, but after running
    the test it it is restored to the orig value), nothing else.

    we have a dilem, procmail won't run sanitizer as root, and sanitizer won't
    run as no-root

    QUESTION: what does sanitizer needs from root that no-root does not have?
    (really don't think that playing with procmail to make run sanitizer as root
    make cense, security, ya know)

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