Re: anomy problem

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Mon 17 Dec 2001 - 23:56:59 UTC

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    On 2001-12-14, 13:29:29 (-0600), Bill Williamson wrote:
    > *****************************************************
    > att-unnamed.txt failed scan and was saved as
    > /var/quarantine/att-unnamed.txt.UAN
    > *****************************************************
    > I'm guessing it's becuase they're mime with a single text attachment. Any
    > hints on debugging or fixing this?
    > Worth noting is it seems to work fine if I cat a message (from the Maildir)
    > piped to, but through the actual server it doesn't.

    This indicates that you may have an environment-related problem, such
    as a problem with the permissions of the user invoking the sanitizer
    or stuff being missing from the PATH which is present when you do it
    by hand.

    Or perhaps your MTA is simply using a restricted shell which won't
    allow the sanitizer to execute the scan-for-viruses script?

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