Re: Re: whitespace near boundarys

From: Robert Litman (
Date: Fri 02 Nov 2001 - 05:42:36 UTC

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    Interesting. I seem to be having a similar problem in 1.43.
    I have a RedHat 7.1 machine w/ sendmail 8.11.6 which is relaying
    mail to a Lotus Notes machine.
    About one in two messages with [one -or- more] attachments will
    not be properly accepted by the Lotus Notes server.
    The strange part, is that when I sent 10 identical test messages,
    I had 6 delivered immediatly in Lotus Notes, and 4 which were
    held in the queue of the relay box for quite some time.
    Looking at detailed logs in the Lotus Notes box revealed that
    for each broken message, the SMTP server (on the receiving end)
    had been in data mode, and then returned to command mode.
    Then, it returns a pile of messages about unfound commands, but
    the "commands" listed are really just the first few lines of the
    attachment, i.e. the "Content Type" stuff, followed by a few
    lines of Base64 gibberish.
    So, it appears that somehow, the end of the message body is
    getting stomped on -sometimes- ???

    Robert Litman

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