whitespace near boundarys

From: Noel Clarkson (
Date: Tue 16 Oct 2001 - 00:49:31 UTC

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    Hi there,

    Using version 1.34 and every so often a mail message will come in and the
    whitespace (a single empty line) is removed before a boundary of and
    attachment which has either caused the mail in that users queue to become
    unfetchable or means that the mail client complains that it cannot
    understand the mail message and to put it as an attachment (ie all of the
    message and anny attachements are put in as one in an attachment making
    them useless).

    It only happens now and then and I've just manually tested the backup of
    the mail file through the same setup as it is usually and it doesn't seem
    to remove the lines as it has. The probelm is very intermittant, and
    doesn't really seem to follow any patterns I can see (except it seems to be
    in emails with multiple attachments).

    I'm intending to move to 1.44 to see if this fixes the problem but am
    wondering if this is a bug that you have seen or know about. It doesn't
    seem to be a problem if there is too much white space (ie a couple of blank
    lines) so if this is easy to do, I'd be happy to modify the source and see
    if that works (I've had a look through but my coding isn't great so I
    couldn't see if there was an obvious place to do this - but I'm happy to
    look harder).

    Interested in your thoughts.



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