Typo on web page?

From: Paul Henninger (
Date: Þri 06 Feb 2001 - 16:52:33 UTC


I was reading through the on-line manual ( ) for
Anomy, which looks great, and I saw what seems to be a typo.

In the "Configuration - Customizing messages" section, there is an
example config
file which reads:

     # Replace the defaults with truly obnoxious messages.
     # These two replace attachments which are dropped or
     # saved.
     msg_file_drop = *****\n
     msg_file_drop += HA HA, I DROPPED YOUR ATTACHMENT!\n
     msg_file_drop += Now you'll never see %FILENAME again!
     msg_file_drop += *****\n
     msg_file_save = *****\n
     msg_file_drop += Added %FILENAME as %SAVEDNAME to my\n
     msg_file_drop += stolen email collection.\n
     msg_file_drop += *****\n

Shouldn't the last 3 lines be "msg_file_save += ..." ?

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