Re: Another Outlook MIME Problem

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fim 21 Des 2000 - 14:50:54 UTC

On 2000-12-20, 15:14:46 (-0600), Michael Kellen wrote:
> Fire up outlook. Turn off signatures. Select plain text email.
> Create a new message -- never type anything in the body of the
> message. Attach a Word document (using "Insert->File"). Send the
> email through the sanitizer.

Thanks for the report. Any chance you could send me a sample (like
last time, to

I've been working on the boundary-bug you reported last week, and have
made quite a bit of progress. Hopefully I'll be able to release a
fixed version around christmas. As I said, it *is* more complicated
than your fix implied. But I've almost got it licked... :-)

> I have tracked this down to the attempt in Anomy::MIMEStream::DecodeBase64
> to preserve the line length. Logs of an attempt like the above revealed

Cool, that'll speed up my debugging.

> My question is: Does this code serve a useful purpose (fix a bug) or is
> it there to try and preserve the original message in as
> untouched a state as possible?

Both! Preserving the original message serves the purpose of letting
us scan e.g. PGP signed stuff, without breaking the signature *unless*
the contents need to be modified for security reasons. If I can get
the recoder to work right, then I can do this without resorting to
expensive solutions such as storing the original message in a
temporary file or whatever, which would seriously impact performance
on a high-volume server.

> I realize this can probably be traced back further, but you're the one
> looking to get paid for that ... ;-)


Still looking, but things are always looking better on that front.

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