Another Outlook MIME Problem

From: Michael Kellen (
Date: Mið 20 Des 2000 - 21:14:46 UTC

I (rather, my users) have run into another problem with anomy and

Fire up outlook. Turn off signatures. Select plain text email.
Create a new message -- never type anything in the body of the
message. Attach a Word document (using "Insert->File"). Send the
email through the sanitizer.

The resulting attachment is no longer a valid Word document.

I have tracked this down to the attempt in Anomy::MIMEStream::DecodeBase64
to preserve the line length. Logs of an attempt like the above revealed
six calls to this routine with five different lengths (the repeated
value was zero). Commenting this chunk out resolves the issue.

My question is: Does this code serve a useful purpose (fix a bug) or is
                 it there to try and preserve the original message in as
                 untouched a state as possible?

I realize this can probably be traced back further, but you're the one
looking to get paid for that ... ;-)

Michael Kellen

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