Re: Here is the message not passed through the sanitizer

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Fim 14 Des 2000 - 18:19:25 UTC

On 2000-12-14, 12:14:28 (-0600), Sean Walberg wrote:
> OK, I sent you the working document.

Yes, but I didn't make myself clear enough - I don't need the document,
I need you to *forward* a message to me which contains the document. Like
the one you reported as getting broken. I need to see the structure of
the forwarded messages which the sanitizer is breaking. :-)

> Just to clarify, this is on 1.33. I haven't had any reports of this
> particular test failing on 1.32, but then again I didn't try it myself.


> Will turning off feat_forwards stop this from happening? I'd rather have
> the sanitizer running on some of the mail than on none at all.

Yes, disabling feat_forwards is quite likely to solve this problem.

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